“I’m hoping it’s not rocket science, it’s just having a systematic approach to the way you develop and build your plyometric training, knowing the different vectors and different funnel options to make sure that you don’t: A) have a weakness within your athletes, but B) you don’t miss out on developing your athlete’s strengths.”

This month’s lecture brings us Lachlan Wilmot sharing how he utilizes and progresses the use of jump training and plyometrics in team settings. Lachlan beings his discussion with an overview of plyometrics and jump training touching upon Dr. Verkhoshansky’s, Dr. Yessis’, and Fred Wilt’s role in developing these exercises. This leads him right into where the importance of stiffness comes in and how plyometrics come in. He then touches upon the performance benefits of plyo’s in team setting, and how he separated and prescribes them. These three are: horizontal for acceleration, vertical for max velocity, lateral for change of direction. He, also touches upon the benefits of using plyometrics which, in his opinion, is injury reduction.

This leads right into the bread and butter, his plyometric continuum:
1) Eccentric Absorption
2) Concentric Development
3) Jump Integration
4) Continuous Jumps
5) Shock Method

His continuum is related directly to his Plyometric Funnel which is how he builds his exercises:
1) Vector
2) Movement Categorization
3) Descriptors
4) Modalities

He then brings it all together with giving a step by step evaluation and demonstration of how he builds these exercises and how they would progress from exercise to exercise. These progressions are in each direction (Linear, Lateral, Rotational, Vertical, and Mixed).

Lachlan next shares with us how he fits them into the big puzzle of the training program. He sees them fitting into 3 places:
1) On Field Implementation
2) Gym Movement Prep Implementation
3) Strength Program Implementation

This includes the pro and cons of implementing them in each situation and how he has utilized each of them to include Plyo’s into his athlete’s developmental program. He gives us some actual footage of examples from how he has utilized drills done in some of the situations with his athletes.

Lachlan then gives us a step by step as to how he builds and periodizes his program base on his continuum though out the year. This simple step by step building block approach, although simple, can be very complex while allowing a vast leeway for creativity by the coach. This also includes how that continuum is pertinent in his rehab/return to play plan.

Next, Lachlan discusses testing considerations for the implementation of plyometric training. He uses 2 different tests to determine is athletes are strong enough and build his power profile. From this profile he can look at their weaknesses and strengths, and this dictates their training. In the pre-season they train more of their weaknesses, while in season they focus more on what the tests showed were their strengths.

He finishes off discussing alterations to training that can be made when athletes are not able to perform this type of exercises.

*This talk was previously given at Adelaid

We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.


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