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Player development is one of the calling cards of Richmond basketball, and one of the cornerstones in that development is Strength and Conditioning Coach Jay DeMayo. Jay’s tenure at The University of Richmond is starting it’s 17th year, with 15 of them working alongside Coach Mooney and his staff to ensure his athletes continue to improve physically, year in and year out. His understanding of the principles utilized throughout the year, along with how practices fluctuate both weekly and during the season, has allowed him to provide a unique individualized approach to ensure each athlete improves consistently.

Known just as much for his work within the coaching community, Jay is the owner of Central Virginia Sport Performance, and hosts one of the world’s top continuing education events, The Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar (CVASPS) each July in RVA. He also hosts weekly podcasts, and has put out 5 publications connected to CVASPS, each of which have opened a network for Jay and the staff to find answers to questions from practitioners of any realm of sport on every English-speaking continent.

Jay has also been the dry land coordinator for NOVA Aquatics, LLC for the past 13 years, where he has worked with multiple national championship teams, dozens of Olympic Trial Qualifiers, and Two International Gold Medalists (Townley Haas- Rio 2016, Charlie Swanson- Lima 2019).

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