The Drew Review: The Manual Vol. 3 Chapter 8: Tissue Re-Education Model: A New Approach to Foundational GPP by Jim Snider

“The hope is that everyone can use this system to lay the foundation for future training blocks coming off the season and continue to push the boundaries of athletic performance.” –J. Snider

Jim Snider, the author of Chapter 8 in The Manual Vol. 3, discusses the importance of GPP coming out of the season and the delicate nature this foundational piece can play in your future training goals for the athlete(s) you train. Snider does a fantastic job at relating what the muscle tissue just went through during the in-season and what difficulties should be addressed to “re-educate” the muscle to further adapt. Mainly through the use of targeted isometrics and submaximal eccentrics. The particulars of these two training phases are exceptional but you will have to read the chapter yourself to get a more in-depth explanation. The period coming off the season is paramount to the success of the future training calendar leading into the next competition period, as such strength coaches who read this chapter will garner perhaps a better way to condition the muscle tissue in a progressive manner to lead to better results.

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