“Make sure you have a good question that you’re trying to answer in the first place.”

“We are ultimately stress managers.”

“The idea that all approaches are equally valid is a flawed one.”

Pragmatism is defined as an approach that assess the truth of meaning of theories or believes in term of the success of their practical application. In this month’s exclusive lecture in The Strength Coach Network, William Wayland dives into the importance of this in strength and conditioning beginning by sharing the reasons he had to start exploring pragmatism with fighters and PGA tour golfers had such a massive impact on it. This leads him right into philosophy of training and what two approaches are at the forefront of what he’s looking in programming. This includes a discussion of the entire physical preparation training process, and different things that William sees as meaningful and expected in the training process.

Next, William touches upon pragmatism as a concept, giving us a historical review of pragmatism, Pierce’s cycle of pragmatism and how it effects coaches on a daily basis, and expertism and how it can be way off. He also discusses action, how prediction can lead to induction, and then abduction. He finishes off going through the map of expertism giving pros and cons of each quadrant including specific examples of people who live in each.

William finishes this talk with an example of a coach that we all know well, Bob Aljeo, and how Bob adapted to issues based on the MLB season, including what changes he made to his programming to better his athletes.


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