Lecture #9 – Matt Thome Michigan Tech – Shock Method and Plyometrics

Michigan Tech’s Matt Thome joins us to give a practical breakdown of the Shock Method and Plyometrics in this month’s exclusive lecture. Having spent time directly with Dr. Natalia Verkshonsky, Dr. Yessis, and Yosef Johnson, Matt has had the spectacular opportunity to learn from three of the top experts on the topic in the world. Matt starts out giving us a review of where the information has come from including how Dr. Verkhoshansky came to utilizing the Shock Method with his athletes. This includes the development of the exercises, where the names for the exercises came from, how these methods impact the athlete physiologically.

Next Matt breaks down the “sub types” of these exercises. He then breaks down impact plyometrics and combined-impact plyometrics along with the methods utilized to implement these exercises (intensive vs extensive). The final part of how he breaks down jumps is looking at the ground contact time as short vs long coupling exercises.

Matt then gives us a step by step as to how he sets up his progressions with jumps. This includes the parameters he follows when building his programs. This six (6) step progression is one that I too have had some pretty significant success with my student athletes with as well.

Matt also provides some fantastic video examples of the jumping progression that he has had success with up in the UP with his athletes. This includes: exercises that emphasize elastic energy recoil, exercises that emphasize the stretch reflex potentiation, and exercises that emphasize CNS stimulation.

Programming is the final aspect that Coach Thome touches upon. Starting with a starting point (that he calls step 0) with Jump/Land Technique all the way up to Depth Jumps, Matt shares with us how he has set up his programming. This includes not just number of exercises and sets and reps but also how they “look to progress” and what he’s actually using as his markers to make changes and alterations to programs.


We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.

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