“If your why is to be the best opera singer in the world it’s ok to do rap songs in the shower, but when you go on stage and you get ready to go on stage, and you practice every day to be on stage, then you better rehearse hitting all those notes in the operetta.”

“It’s become more important to have expertise then a big tool box of exercises.”

“Hard work doesn’t mean quality development.”

“Sometimes we get so much into the part that we never get to the whole when we should have started with the whole.”

“Yeah, one size doesn’t fit all, but a systematic approach helps all.”

Jim Radcliffe joined us for The 2019 Seminar to discuss with us concepts of development of movements with our athletes. This presentation starts with Coach Rad sharing with us his “why”, which is the ability to “burst, accelerate, surge.”

Jim then starts to break into different aspects and their importance to, not just training, but developing movement. This list includes:

  • Hip Hinge
  • Hip Projection
  • Hip Whip

Coach Rad then discusses the role of rhythm and its role, not just in movement development, but in sport in general. This leads him down the direction of free play, how using that to develop movement implicitly is so important, and the sociological impact it has on athletes.

Jim also shares with us a case study where they looked at using different weight lifting exercises for potentiation to speed outputs for their athletes. He breaks down exactly what they did, how they did it, what they were looking at, what the results were, and where he thinks the results came from. This case study was redone two more times with some minor alterations, but showed similar results.

Coach Rad finishes off by sharing with us how he sets up his training weeks, what he’s hoping to accomplish with each day, why those days are selected, and how they would make alterations if necessary. This sensational presentation a can be downloaded at the store tab under instant downloads, or can be found at https://strengthcoachnetwork.com/cvasps/

We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.

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