Our fourth presenter for this summer’s edition of The Seminar is a man who has been a driving force in this vocation for quite some time, Dr. Charlie Weingroff. Charlie has been pushing this profession forward though educating coaches on the means and methods that he has found successful in improving the health and performance of his athletes and clients. Charlie is another one of the practitioners that I should have had on the docket a long time ago. He has impacted me as a coach in more ways than he even knows. An elite practitioner with an elite total on the platform makes Charlie an absolute homerun addition to The 2019’s Seminar. But enough from me, let’s me Dr. Charlie Weingroff…

JD: If you could, please give our readers a little background information about you, what your niche in the world of athletics is, accomplishments, how you got there, education, any products you have available and/or notable publications.

CW: So, by education, I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science.  The other professional certifications include ATC and CSCS.  I began my professional career as an ATC in professional basketball, starting with the NJ Nets in 1999 and continued to join the Philadelphia 76ers.  After 1 year with the Sixers, I moved in a strength coach role, where I re-invented my approach to everything where using skills and principles as a therapist in a strength & conditioning environment.  This is where the Training = Rehab commercial began, and we have produced 3 10-12 hr DVDs chronicling every several years of growth and change of the model.  Moving on from the NBA, I am now Director of Physical Development for Men’s Canada Basketball and have consulted with teams and individual athletes in major sports and universities across the world.


JD: Discuss with us the mistakes you see made by strength and conditioning coaches in the United States and around the world, and what you feel should be done differently/how to correct these issues.

CW: The number 1 way to funnel the errors I see is a lack of critical filter on information that we use as well as information that appears to dissent with what we use.  The questions I would like all of us to ask is:

1) why do I believe these people, and

2) why is this person trying to get me to change what I do? 

If we can omit emotion and using strategies that make us feel comfortable and good about ourselves and instead use what is actually best practice, I think a lot of mistakes would be minimized.


JD: What advice would you give a coach to improve knowledge in the lines of continuing education, meaning could you point our readers in a direction to find the scientific and practical information to improve the methods they use to improve performance?

CW: Everyone will eventually fall into their own paths, but I think it starts with consuming as much information from all resources as possible, and over time, that filter develops, and we will keep and discard what is useful or not.

Particularly when consuming information from commercial models, try to filter if the message can be used and applied with words and techniques not associated with that model.  That should limit pitfalls and falling into an emotional connection with poor training or rehab methods.


JD: If you could give a brief description of what our attendees can expect from you at The

CW: I am expecting to discuss the social and clinical systems and process to Men’s Canada Basketball, which during this decade, objectively has developed more elite men’s basketball players than any other institution in the word.


Who is Dr. Charlie Weingroff?

Charlie is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Certified Athletic Trainer, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.  He is currently a Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach at Drive 495 in Manhattan, NY and Fit For Life in Marlboro, NJ.  He also is a member of the Nike Executive Performance Council and serves as the Physical Performance Lead and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team. He previously has served as the Director of Physical Performance and Resiliency and Lead Physical Therapist for the United States Marines Corps Special Operations Command in Camp Lejeune, NC. He graduated from Ursinus College with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science in 1996, and went on to earn an MSPT in 1999 and DPT in 2010 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Beginning in 1998, Charlie spent 12 seasons of professional basketball, highlighted by his time as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach and Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA. Among the highlights of his tenure in Philadelphia was being part of the medical staff that ranked 1st in the NBA in Player Missed Games in the 2005-06 season.

Through rehabbing patients, he subscribes to a movement-based approach popularized by the works of Gray Cook, Mike Boyle, Val Nsedkin, Dr. Pavel Kolar, and Louie Simmons.  In training athletes and clients, he champions the principles of the Functional Movement Screen and sound, evidence-based training principles.  Some of the methodologies Charlie is formally trained in include DNS, ART, Dry Needling, Graston, FMS/SFMA, TPI, and StrongFirst.

Aside from working with patients, athletes and clients, he is also under the bar himself.  In 2007, he achieved AAPF Elite status in the 220 weight class with a total of 1915 pounds. His best powerlifting competition total is 800 squat, 510 bench press and 605 deadlift.

Currently Charlie is available to treat, train, and consult at Drive495 in Manhattan, NYC and Fit For Life in Marlboro, NJ.  Charlie often teaches and speaks internationally and consults regularly with Nike, the Roddick-Grunberg Tennis Academy, Perform Better, and Equinox Fitness Clubs.

Charlie lives in CT with his girlfriend Ali Gilbert and his dog Rumble. You’re welcome to contact him with questions for the Articles section, to offer a comment, or to discuss a potential workshop at your facility.

We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.

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