“Even if the perfection isn’t attained the outcome is decidedly better than just ‘good enough’”

This weeks edition of My Thoughts Monday is brought to us by Michigan’s Katlyn Haycock. Katlyn discusses with us Jon Bowers TED talk (check it out here: https://www.ted.com/talks/jon_bowers_we_should_aim_for_perfection_and_stop_fearing_failure) on perfection that hit home with her. In the talk there are multiple fantastic examples as to why aiming for perfection needs to be the goal at all times and Coach Haycock connects these examples and quotes with examples in athletics that coaches see regularly. This also drives straight into fears of failure and the all to dangerous “good enough” that has crippled team in the past. She finishes out with her interpretation of the definition provided on perfection and why she feels it’s important for athlete’s to understand it.

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