Season 3 Episode 5 Matt Gildersleeve “Strength is all a definition of how it’s expressed in the sport”

This week we are joined by 2023 Seminar presenter, Kansas University’s Director of Sports Performance for football, Matt Gildersleeve. Our last discussion with Sleeve was OTR #79, and we catch up right where we left off. Sleeve dives into:

  • What the first off season was like, and how it set up their program moving forward.
  • The impact of the COVID summer and in what ways that continues to impact his program.
  • A simple thing that has helped him not stay “stuck in his ways” and keep pushing to find better ways, means, and methods for all aspects of life.
  • How the law of 100/100 has impacted him both professionally and personally
  • What “really matters” and how “winning the off season” sometimes isn’t what leads to the best on field results.
  • How becoming a father changed his thought process and how he sees the word “sacrifice”

We hope you’re as excited as we are to welcome Coach Sleeve to The Seminar, July 21 and 22 at PLAE HQ! For more info and to book your seats use the link here:


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