Season 3 Episode 6 Dr. Craig Turner “Data has become the new currency”

This week we welcome Dr. Craig Turner to The Podcast. Throughout this fantastic 42-minute discussion Dr. Turner goes into:

  • The tactical similarities across team sports and how those similarities have helped both of us progress our careers from soccer to basketball, and create a better understanding of the games.
  • The role of technology in coaching and how important having actionable data and actually acting on it is.
  • Understanding what you are trying to measure when selecting what technology to add
  • Touch points and communication points are both vital to keep track of and to a minimum so that you actually collect and communicate the most essential information.
  • Lessons learned from his time in the NBA, and how those lessons have impacted how he collects and communicates data today
  • What meeting where them where they’re at not only is in reference to the players but also is in relation to the communication methods utilized to get the info to the coaches that they need.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Dr. Turner as much as I did. Tap in to one of the links below, and when you’re there please subscribe and leave us a 5 Star review. That would be greatly appreciated!




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