Season 3 Episode 4 Dr. Bryan Mann “Be the most impactful with the least touches on the athlete”

It’s always great to catch up with Dr. Bryan Mann, and this week’s episode of The Podcast is no different. In the 36-minute discussion Doc and I go into:

  • His new position and role at “The U”
  • Force Velocity Profiling, some of the issues and FAQ’s with it, and practical ways to implement it (oh and this is what his presentation is on at The 2023 Seminar)
  • How looking at averages at times is appropriate, but can also hinder development
  • How important math and physics are to what we do
  • The importance of asking why, along with how important who answers the question impacts our view of the answer.
  • How our biases impact our perspective, and how that can impact our continued development as coaches
  • The importance of “letting it go”, and how that had a huge impact on him both at work and home.

Can’t wait to have Dr. Mann back on the docket at The Seminar and hope you can join us at PLAE HQ this July 21st and 22nd! For more info and to book your seats use the link here:


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