My Thoughts Monday #138- How can we impact workloads without interfering with practice?

“If we are really serving both of them (players and coaches) what we really might have to do to be best for all of them is almost step back, and say ok, how can we do things to get better in the least amount of work possible?”

How can we support what these young people need to do to be successful for the coaches we are trying to assist?”

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As I continue to discuss some of my take aways from FREE-VASPS, today we come to Kaiti Jones presentation on how she plans to develop her basketball players to be prepared post stay at home. Kaiti does some really awesome things to help impact the training load on her athletes by manipulating aspects of her work with them both in training and during sport practice. This allows the sport coaches to continue to progress as they deem fit with out interruption or massive modifications. I’ve spoken many times about how important I feel that this is for us to be able to do, and was super imnpressed with how Kaiti makes this happen.


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