“Training athlete’s we can’t separate the skill from the physical.”

“Biomechanical efficiency is the most important thing in any sports skill. How efficient is your movement? That’s the most important thing in any sports skill.”

“It can’t be a KPI if that doesn’t effect their actual competitive exercise.”

“Eventually, more and more strength work does not transfer. It just doesn’t transfer. We’re wasting time, and energy. These athlete’s have a finite amount of adaptation energy. So we can’t just keep blowing energy trying to get a bigger front squat, trying to get a bigger deadlift.” 

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This week we are joined by TCU’s Zach DeChant to discuss technique analysis and skill development in baseball. After a quick intro Zach shares with us the basics behind what his programming is, how it progresses, and how this lead him to write his book, “Movement Over Maxes”. He then shares with us how he looks at Dr. Bondarchuck’s classification of exercises, how this leads his decision making and progressions, and how he’s started to look for better ways to identify what actually matters in developing his pitchers vs his hitters. Next, Zach shares with us what he’s actually looking at, and how he tests, and retests his athletes. We finish off talking about the evolution of training with baseball players that he has seen in his tenure at TCU and his book Movement Over Maxes. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter at @zachdechant. 

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