“The things that matter are always going to come down to movement efficiency.”

“It all comes down to your body’s ability to project.”

“Have you organized your body, your center of mass, and actually the timing of firing to make sure you go in that direction.”

“We want it to be complicated. We can’t believe that running very fast is simple because when we try to do it as individuals we realize how difficult it can be, but everyone can get faster. Not everyone can be fast, everyone can get faster.”

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Today we are joined by Jonas Dodoo to discuss training transfer if relation to speed development. After a brief intro Jonas dives right into what he sees that matters when it comes developing movement skills with athlete. This includes his idea of projection, reactivity, and switching, and the role of the weight room in assisting these three aspects of movement. This leads him to discussing the idea of transducing force as opposed to absorbing force. Next, Jonas talks about how this fits into the rehab world, and how it impacts how he works with these injured athletes to assist them to return back to competition. Jonas then runs down the rabbit hole of coaching and communication, and why he feels he has had some success within those subsets of our field. We then discuss the mental aspect of training speed, and where Jonas sees some limitations to the thoughts on this that are very prevalent in high level sport. Make sure it give him a follow on Twitter: @eatsleeptrain and Instagram: @eatsleeptrain_. 

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