“The goal should be trying to use technology to calibrate so you can then rely back on yourself.”

Dr. Andy Galpin joins us for this month exclusive lecture to discuss with us some of the major pro’s and con’s in implementing technology with your training programs. Dr. Galpin covers two main aspects, and that is the limitations to the tech and how it can “harm” training, and then knowing how to utilize them to succeed and improve how you’re developing your athletes.

Andy starts out by providing us the general benefits of utilizing technology. This list of nine benefits can truly drive training in a positive direction. These 9 are: answering specific hypotheses, large data sets, tracking long term, they’re objective, quick and accurate communication, individualization of the training, accountability, awareness, and calibration. He really dives deep into the final four with great detail and specific examples of how technology has provided those benefits.

Dr. Galpin then dives into the avoidable problems that technology brings. This list of 8 different problems are discussed at length and given practical examples of how they can impact training in a negative way. This includes how they are limited versus how you’re coaches eye and brain still trump many of these technologies and how it must be your greatest piece of tech. He also debunks how there are pro’s and con’s to “recovery” methods based on when during the year it is, the adaption you’re hoping to achieve with the athlete, and what is actually going on with the athlete (both athletic related and real life) at the moment.

This presentation finishes with a five-step system that he uses when it comes to evaluating the addition of technology to a coach’s arsenal. These five are: determine your time and ability to interpret data; define specific purpose, objective, and hypothesis; answer the three why’s; only change one variable at a time; use the least technology possible to solve the problem. This includes how you, as the coach, have to be able to implement all of those things without technology to, well, coach.

This talk is going to change how you look at what you’re using with your athlete’s and how you implement what the tech is telling you. Starting with the low hanging fruit and how important that is but how it’s even more important to understand what you’re looking at, how you can look at things better, and drive decisions better.

We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.

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