Chris KorfistToday I am excited to announce our fourth presenter for The 2018 Seminar, Chris Korfist. Chris has been a guest on the podcast and a regular contributor to on Along with his coaching duties, Chris has been educating coaches though his yearly event Track Football Consortium in Illinois, and his website Slow Guy Speed School. Tie in his unique approach to getting athlete’s faster and his work as an educator as a teacher and we couldn’t be more excited to add Chris to the docket.  With out further delay, let’s meet Chris…

JD: If you could, please give our readers a little background information about you, what your niche in the world of athletics is, accomplishments, how you got there, education, any products you have available and/or notable publications.

CK: I’m a High School Track and Strength coach. I also own Slow Guy Speed School which is a facility that trains athletes to be run faster and be more explosive. The combination gives me experience in both the private and public settings. I also Co-own Track and Football Consortium which is a biennial consortium. Topics include optimal training for speed and consideration for the multi-sport athlete. I also co-own Reflexive Performance Reset with Cal Dietz and JL Holdsworth.

JD: Discuss with us the mistakes you see made by strength and conditioning coaches in the United States and around the world, and what you feel should be done differently/how to correct these issues.

CK: I think too many coaches are focused on “Bigger, Faster and Stronger” and only really focus on bigger and stronger.If we are all performance coaches and working on our helping our athletes win games we all know that speed is a main factor in almost every sport. But when we go to train our athletes, most never run and use the weight room as a possible method of getting faster. We tried to make one of the most complex movement patterns that a human can form can perform and reduce it down to let’s just lift more weights. The elements of the coordination of the movements, the stability of the movements and the direction of the force and power are never truly addressed. If you truly want to get your athletes faster whether it’s acceleration or top end speed, they need to run. And you need to understand what it takes to get them to run faster.

JD: What advice would you give a coach to improve knowledge in the lines of continuing education, meaning could you point our readers in a direction to find the scientific and practical information to improve the methods they use to improve performance?

CK: I think self-reflection is a great Pathway to improve your knowledge. Every coach has a different scenario, environment and circumstances. getting advice from someone who has a completely different world may only off for a small amount of knowledge that they can apply to their situation. Don’t be afraid to get rid of what doesn’t work for you despite that “common Knowledge” that it may work for most others. Address your puzzle and work to solve it. If you’re on this website and attending conferences, you probably have a lot more knowledge than most people. To become an expert, learn how to apply the knowledge in your environment. Learn how to hone the skills you already have.

JD: If you could give a brief description of what our attendees can expect from you at The Seminar?

CK: We will look at speed, acceleration and agility from some different viewpoints that are traditional strength coach won’t look at.

Who is Chris Korfist?

Chris Korfist has been getting of people faster for the last 25 years. Whether the athlete is a middle school or professional athlete, Chris has experience helping all age groups of athletes. His website, Slow Speed Guy offers video assessment for individuals or teams as well as online workouts. He is also the Director of Reflexive Performance which is a process that gets athletes nervous system ready to performance at a peak state through a sequence of manual therapy. Course are available throughout the year. He is also the co-owner of Track Football Consortium which is one of the leading sprint/strength clinics in the nation. They are currently held bi-annually in Chicago.

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