The Drew Review: The Manual Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Exercise Science in the Former Soviet Union: Muscle Metabolism to State-Sponsored Doping by Dr. Michael I. Kalinski

“The field of exercise science has made remarkable progress in the past century…due to the current understanding of…exercise to human health, as well as success in athletic endeavors.” –Dr. M. Kalinski

After reading the title of this chapter I’m sure your mind will race through all sorts of assumptions and theories, all of which could be both profoundly inaccurate or actually true. I believe there are quite a lot of people that knew the former USSR doped their athletes to excel on the athletic field but the understanding these researchers had on the human body was fascinating. Kalinski writes this chapter as firsthand account of the exercise science boom during the height of its’ day in the early 1970’s and into the 1980’s in Russia and the United States. The chapter is broken up into 3 parts, covering specific topics such as; creatine research and its impacts on athletic performance, the American-Ukrainian connection in discovering cyclic AMP and its importance, and lastly, the state sponsored doping in the USSR. This chapter is both enlightening and downright daunting as it relates to the past of exercise science. If you are a strength coach who wants more insight in the USSR state sponsored doping or the specific issues that were researched during this time (early 1970’s-80’s) in our history then this chapter is for you.

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