Season 3 Episode 2- Molly Binetti “Continuing to raise the bar, and meet the bar, that we’ve set for ourselves”

I am so fired up to welcome Molly Binetti back to The Podcast and introduce her as our 2nd presenter at The 2023 edition of The Seminar. In the 35-minute discussion we talk about:

1) The challenges of the season after winning a championship and how that’s impacted our approaches to not just training, but how we handle our athletes
2) The importance of making sure you’re progressing the younger players on a successful team and not letting them be comfortable riding the coat tails of those who built the success in front of them.
3) The challenges to finding out what truly maters when it comes to impacting wins and losses
4) What matters when it comes to “doing your job well”?
5) How taking care of #1 made her better in every aspect of coaching and life.

I hope you’re as excited as I are to bring to Molly back to The Seminar and can join us at PLAE HQ this July 21st and 22nd! For more info and to book your seats use the link here:


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