Season 3 Episode 1- Jay DeMayo and Chase Campbell “It’s peanut butter and jelly for a reason, people tried other things with it”

The Podcast returns with a sensational conversation with PLAE’s Chase Campbell. Chase and I discuss:
1) The decision to move The Seminar to PLAE HQ
2) What Greybeard’s presentation will be on at CVASPS and different lenses to look at reverse engineering through
3) The role of simplicity in programming and how our view on it has changed as we have gotten older
4) The most valuable aspects of CVASPS to both of us
5) What is one thing outside of work could help all coaches be better at what they do that, for the most part, we are all horrible with.
6) How teaching and buy in go hand in hand when it comes to training
7) Using different one-off opportunities to allow more autonomy and see how much the athletes have learned from you about training

We hope you’re as excited as we are to bring to The Seminar to PLAE HQ this July 21st and 22nd! For more info and to book your seats use the link here: COMING SOON!


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