Season 3 Episode 13- Mike Thomson “With experience comes a more streamlined approach”

This week’s podcast guest is another coach whose name has been dropped on many “My Thoughts Monday’s. I’m so fired up to get to chop it up with my good friend and former co-worker Mike Thomson this week. In the 30-minute chat Mike and I get into:

  • Evaluating players (in this case pitchers), and how looking at their mechanics can improve specificity and drive better training prescription.
  • How they establish variables to look at and use to help drive, not just their training model, but prescription of training means to impact the sporting exercise.
  • The impact of understanding the language used in the sport, and the what the actual
  • Keeping training to help make those who are exceptional at certain things even more exceptional at those things based on evaluations
  • Working through the “continual in season” that we are now seeing in many sports
  • Where looking at the individual vs regressing to a mean can help identify not just what is working for each specific athlete but also what is NOT working.
  • Thought processes that drive his continuous growth and has helped him build this model

Mike has had a huge impact the development of our staff and programming for our athlete’.  Make sure you give him a follow-on Twitter @Thomson19Mike and Instagram @mikethomson19 to see what he’s building in the training of all the teams he gets to work with. If you enjoyed the talk please feel free share it with a colleague and don’t forget to subscribe and give us a 5-star review! It’s greatly appreciated.


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