Season 3 Episode 14- Josh Storms “Be Coach Fed and Player Led”

In this week’s episode I’m so happy to welcome Josh Storms to The Podcast. Throughout the 30-minute conversation Josh and I get into:

1) The pros of longevity in one place.
2) The transition period between head coaches, what he observed with the players, and how being the “go between” with the new staff and the players helped with the transition.
3) What his evaluation process during Spring Ball consists of, and the impact of “the portal”
4) The importance of evolving your programming, and its effect both physically and mentally on the athlete
5) Leadership, why athletes have a hard time with it, and how we can encourage athletes to develop that skill.

Coach Storms is doing awesome work down at FSU, and is such a generous wealth of knowledge.
Make sure to give Josh a follow @coachstorms on both Instagram and Twitter to check out the work he’s doing and the awesome training music that’s got going on in their sessions. I hope you enjoyed the discussion, and if you did please feel free share it with a colleague. Also, if you find value in the shows please don’t forget to subscribe and give us a 5-star review! I truly do appreciate it.


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