Episode 88-Daniel Martinez, ForceDecks: More to Force Plates Than Just F=MA

Today we are discussing force plates and ForceDecks with Daniel Martinez in this episode of The Podcast. Starting out Daniel shares the direction that looking at force plates can help drive decisions for training based on his own and others research. We then discuss his recommendations for where coaches can start to look at force plate data, how it can help guide coaches, and how they have set up their dash boards with coaches to assist coaches at as high of a level as possible. Next he shares the importance of the eccentric contraction in jumping and where he’s seen success, both personally and other coaches they work with, when it came to altering training based on their performance on the force platforms. He then dives into asymmetries and return to play protocols that the dual force plates can assist with uniquely to the coaches’ evaluation process, and shares how specifics in sport can make exceptions to some rules when looking at the numbers. We finish talking about what is the first question he asks coaches who are starting to use the technology and how that drives his assistance.

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