Episode 83-Brijesh Patel, Quinnipiac-RPR, what it is and how it fit’s into his program

In this weeks edition of The Podcast Quinnipiac Head strength coach Brijesh Patel joins us to discuss RPR. We start out talking about what RPR is, how he learned about RPR, and where he learned about the techniques. He then shares examples of where RPR has changed his views on training, both in training in general and what he programs for his student athletes, and how it ties into Myers’ Anatomy Trains. Then he shares how he implements it in a team setting, and the how’s and why’s behind the quick buy in his athlete’s have to it based on the “quick results” they see from it. We then finish on how RPR truly fits into his program, what additions to his programs it has brought, and how PRI fits in with the big picture with it to help his athlete’s improve performance.

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