“90% is not 100%, 80% definitely is not 100%”

“The most successful teams, the most coherent performance to medicine staffs that I’ve observed, everybody knows what they’re there for and what they’re being counted on for, and what their super power is, and what their blind spots are.”

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Today I have the absolute pleaser to sit down and talk developing speed with Jake Schuster. After a quick intro Jake dives right into some of the best practices he has seen to actually make people faster. This includes him discussing the roles of motor control, which has become sexy of late, and affecting the force/velocity profile. This leads Jake down the rabbit hole of the role of the force/velocity profile, and how it can be impactful in the physical preparation of their athletes. We then discuss some guidelines for evaluating athletes in these areas and where he has seen errors come from trying to get numbers too early. Next, Jake shares with us some things that he has observed with working with staffs all over the world, and what has made some groups more successful than others. Jake then shares with us some advice on looking at force plate information, including what he feels may be a bit over rated. We finish off with a little self reflection and talking “if I knew then what I know know.” Make sure you give him a follow at @coolhandjakegs on twitter and instagram. 

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