“I think that’s really where our profession is going, is you’ve got to have a grasp of the sport. That’s not to say that general means aren’t important. Just lifting weights, heavy squats, heavy deadlifts. That’s not to say that that’s not important, but I think that now, to be really great you’ve got to have a working knowledge of your sport.”

Today we are talking about developing movement skills that transfer to sport with the Director of Speed and Power Development at Texas Tech Scott Salwasser. After a brief introduction Scott dives right into it discussing how he separates the team into groups, and gathers knowledge about each position to provide the best carry over possible for his football players. We then dive down the planning rabbit hole and how the uniqueness of the football calendar sets up his programming, and some things that he does differently, why he does it, and where he see’s a major issue with many “traditional models” of speed development when it comes to football. Next, Scott breaks down how he advances agility work with his players, and how important technique and visual acuity is to having carry over to what they are trying to teach their players. We finish off discussing his programming of jumps and plyometrics for his athletes, and what two roles he sees them filling in his program.


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