Season 3 Episode 8 Andrew Stuart “We are applied in nature”

In this week’s episode of The Podcast I have the pleasure of sitting down and chopping it up with Andrew Stuart. In the 30-minute talk Andrew and I get into:

  • How taking the thought process back to a 5th grade science experiment could save practitioners a lot of headaches.
  • Where he sees an issue with being data driven, and how changing the thought process to data informed could help us be even better for the coaches and athletes we get to work with.
  • What the “applied” in applied sport science needs to mean, and why just doing testing to do testing leads us to road blocks in the process.
  • How the art of coaching and the basic pillars of what we do need to continue to be the back bone of our programming and the tech needs to support it.

Andrew is doing some awesome work at Nebraska, make sure to keep up with everything they’re doing by following him on Instagram at: @coachastuart


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