Episode 261- Dr. Ramsey Nijem- Shift Your Focus To Providing Value

“You don’t want to be the guy who is a broken record.”

“Our players aren’t buying it the program, they’re buying into us, as coaches.”

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This week I have the absolute pleasure of sitting down and talking about building relationships out side of the weight room with Dr. Ramsey Nijem. After a quick intro of how he got down to KU we get right into how his voyage has taught him real world lessons that he can communicate with his players. These lessons include the positive moves he’s made and mistakes he’s made out side of the profession that really help these young men learn how to better themselves in the future. This includes how he sets up his programming and daily activities so that he can have these “real world” discussions with the guys so that there’s a true connection with he players out side the weight room to make sure that we are TRULY doing well for the athletes. We finish off talking about his new project to better help coaches, https://appliedperformancecoach.com make sure you check that out and stay up to date with this great project that is sure to help coaches grow professionally and personally.

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