The 2022 Seminars

The 2022 Seminar(S)

It’s so nice, we’ve got to do it twice!

The “education season” of 2022 will bring about the return of in person events, and with that, the return of The Seminar. We could not be more excited to get back and in person, so excited that for this milestone return we are hoping to kick it up a notch by providing you, our amazing attendees, even greater opportunities for learning and growth, in the way you can only find at “the 200-person round table and barbeque”! This year we are going to bring you not one but two lineups of world call practitioners. In the spring we will bring a sensational lineup to Union Fitness in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and in July we return to the Short Pump Marriott with another group of six fantastic presenters. For more info on each event use the links below:

Live Stream

Available for Richmond & Pittsburgh

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