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Times are hard. Your administration has slashed your budget these past two year, and they’re not too keen on people traveling yet. You’re in a bind because you want to make sure that your staff continues to develop though. How can you help your staff to grow with these massive limitations? Let me present you, the Live Streaming View option for The Seminar(s). You and your staff will be as close to being in the room as possible, with live access to all the lectures and the ability to contribute to the conversation in the chat. 

Now there are limitations to not being there, but also the perk of being together as a staff to discuss the lectures, where they could fit in your systems and how this could help drive your department forward. 

I need to make sure I make it as affordable as possible for you though, and hopefully we did that. You and your staff can sit and be “at” The Seminar(s) for $199 per event, or $349 for both. 

You’ll save on travel, and lodging and get to get access to all the info, ask questions, and brainstorm as a staff for one great price. I hope you’re able to take advantage of this great option that many have found a TON of value in in the past. Hit the link below to sign your staff up today!

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