2015 Seminar (Past)

In 2015, on the beautiful campus of The University of Richmond in Richmond, VA Central Virginia Sport Performance hosted their fifth annual Seminar. For this year’s CVASPS we stepped it up another notch, bringing back many of the favorites from past years, and introducing some new presenters as well. The lineup was as follows:

CVASPS 2015 Seminar Lineup

Dr. Mike Gentry: Virginia Tech’s Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Performance

Dr. Mike Gentry’s Introductory Q and A

Michael Regan: Port Adelaide Football Club

Michael Regan’s Introductory Q and A

Erik Korem: University of Kentucky

Erik Korem’s Introductory Q and A

“The New Era of High Performance”

Dr. Ben Peterson: Catapult

Dr. Ben Peterson’s Introductory Q and A

Jimmy Snider: University of Wisconsin

Jimmy Snider’s Introductory Q and A

Landon Evans: University of Iowa

Landon Evans’ Introductory Q and A

“Physical Preparation in the NCAA: a complementary approach”

Dr. Bryan Mann: University of Missouri

Dr. Bryan Mann’s Introductory Q and A

“elitefts.com—Strength Coach Q&A: Where the profession is going”

Cal Dietz: University of Minnesota

Cal Dietz’s Introductory Q and A

“The Triphasic Undulating Block Method”

Steve Magness’ Introductory Q and A Coming Soon

Andrew Althoff: Baylor University

Andrew Althoff’s Introductory Q and A

“Inside #CampBU: Baylor Uses Sports Science For Freak Performances”


This fantastic lineup consisting of the best of the best from around the world for the best in professional development opportunity for anyone involved in athletic performance. With some of the best scientific and coaching minds in the world this seminar for only $XXX for physical dvds OR $XXX for digital downloads is a steal! This sale will end soon so order the CVASPS 2015 Seminar by clicking one of the links below.

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