The Drew Review: Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, by Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool

drew-reviewDrew’s Review: “Purposeful practice has several characteristics that set it apart from what we might call “naïve practice,” which is essentially just doing something repeatedly, and expecting that the repetition alone will improve one’s performance. “ – A. Ericsson

Peak Drew ReviewAfter reading Peak, I felt a great desire to look at my own practices and programming to see if I was truly helping the athletes I train. My one big takeaway I got from reading this book is that everything you teach (because sport coaches/strength coaches/athletic trainers are teachers) is a skill, and skills must be appropriately taught for any meaningful adaptation to take place. This book is all about deliberate practice and the use of skill based training. I had heard of deliberate practice a little bit before picking up this book but never to the detail that Ericsson and Pool describe. Although at times Peak can be a bit wordy the core themes are profound and influential.
Peak will challenge everything you have been taught about learning and practice. There are a lot of amazing quotes and thoughts I could write about but the great thing Ericsson and Pool illustrate is the person reading this text will only get as much out of it as that person puts into changing their habits. Read Peak if you feel that you have hit a lull in aspects of your performance and perhaps need a different perspective on self-improvement.

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