drew-review“Microdosing may not be the complete answer to training, but I do feel that it represents a need for coaches to be exceptionally more precise in their administration of stress to athletes.”- D. Hansen

The term microdosing is exactly what it sounds like, providing a small dose over and over to hopefully elicit a beneficial response. In this chapter, Hansen proposes a very creative plan to use high intensity work, through the means of sprints or lifts, as a microdose during the off-season and in-season of athletic competition. The basis of which is from an injury prevention and volume control stance. I was thoroughly entertained by reading this chapter because the contents are ultimately describing a science experiment. This Drew Review Chapter 9philosophy of microdosing, as Hansen mentions is based off the work of Charlie Francis, looks at the sport training and physical preparation portions entirely on feel and self-experimentation. Of course the results speak for themselves when looking at the work of Francis and Hansen, but I am reminded of the importance of trying something out and seeing what sticks. A strength looking to perhaps play around a little with their training programs, during the in-season first as Hansen recommends, should look into microdosing with their athletes.

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