Season 3 Episode 10- Eric Guthrie “Are we preparing them to prepare better for the game?”

Today I am elated to welcome Eric Guthrie to The Podcast. Many of our listeners who have attended The Seminar have had the pleasure of meeting “Big E” at one of the events and know he’s one of the best people in our vocation. In the 35-minute discussion Eric and I get into:

  • What “improving the department” actually means to each of us, and how following/working under great directors allows you to keep the ball rolling.
  • The importance of a common vision and how communicating that throughout the department is vital to improving our position and their opinion of what we do.
  • Ways that we can impact things outside the weight room, including how sometimes less is more when building out these plans.
  • The idea of preparing the athlete’s better to prepare better for the game, how to build that out and monitor progress.

Make sure to give Eric a follow-on IG and twitter @Ericguthrie07 and follow his performance team @GWSportsperformance, they’re doing great stuff and putting out great content. If you enjoyed the talk please feel free to subscribe and give us a 5-star review! It’s greatly appreciated.



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