Joel Jamieson: A New Perspective on Energy Systems and Performance(DIGITAL)


In a large group or team settings it’s a great way to kind of segment your athletes into smaller groups. You’re going to see trends. Everyone’s going to show a trend to one side or the other. You’re not going to have to develop 100 different individual programs because they’re all going to fall into these groups

Energy systems, bioenergentics, whatever the term is we use today, conditioning and athlete monitoring have become more and more in the spotlight in training. A lot of that is due to Joel Jamieson and his work.

After a brief definition of energy systems and why training/improving them are important Joel shares his model of performance that is a modified version of Dr. Verkhoshansky’s. These include speed of movement, technical skills, and tactics/strategy tying in the role of the strength coach into this model. This leads to how and why he trains the specific energy systems.

After a brief overview of how we, as humans, transfer energy to mechanical work, he gets into the real-world info leading to why the aerobic system is so important (and all too often overlooked). Giving multiple examples of research and different sport and how much of the work done in sports, contrary to popular belief, is aerobic. This leads him to how he profiles his athlete’s to determine what is important, how the “fit” in that model, and where they need to train. He shares with us how you can use this model, including what to look at, and how it impacts training.

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