Dr. Viktor Seluyanov: A Biologically Determined Concept for Athlete Preparation(DIGITAL)


“Desire to create resistance to lactate in training is a dead end in training.”

In 2014 we had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Viktor Seluyanov to The Seminar. Dr. Seluyanov had been a man that many of the top coaches in the country had been referencing due to the development of his theoretical training principles. This talk is translated by Omegawave’s Val Nasedkin, so there are some lags in communication, but none of the information is lost.

After a brief introduction from both Val and Viktor including Dr. Seluyanov’s background and how his research began and where it was progressing. The importance of which is the what’s and why’s to the development of training based on the biological processes of the organism. This leads him into describing the models of the major systems of the organism. These include:

1) The “Ideal” cell
2) Endocrine System
3) Skeletal Muscle
4) Motor Control and the Biochemical Processes in Muscle Fibers
5) The Cardiac System
6) Immune System

Next, Dr. Seluyanov discusses the methods that were driven by the biological principles he discussed prior. This begins with what Viktor believes needs to be evaluated with athlete’s. These methods include:
1) Methods for hyperplasia of glycolytic muscle fibers (Type IIB)
a. Hyperplasia of myofibers
b. Hyperplasia of mitochondria
2) Methods for hyperplasia of the oxidative muscle fibers
a. Hyperplasia of myofibers
b. Hyperplasia of mitochondria
3) Methods for hyperplasia of mitochondria
a. Oxidative myofibrils
b. Glycolytic myofibrils

He closes out discussing the planning of the training process. This is all based on the classic approaches form the USSR, but dives into Dr. Seluyanov methods of stimulative and developmental workouts.

For more on this fantastic 2 hour and 21-minute lecture follow the link here: https://cvasps.com/product/dr-viktor-seluyanov-a-biologically-determined-concept-for-athlete-preparation/


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