Dr. Mainfang Raun: The Present and Future of Chinese National Centralized Sports Training System(DIGITAL)


Chinese technique is another secret weapon. It means Chinese players emphasis the small techniques, and excel at these techniques and have the best basics.

Dr. Mianfang Raun joined us from Ningbo University to discuss the system utilized in China for developing highly successful athletes. Dr. Raun starts out sharing with how the system was set up and designed around winning gold medals by selecting athletes for specific sports. He then gives a run-down of each of the levels of the system. This includes the steps of talent identification utilized to find the athlete’s they deem will be successful from start to finish. This includes actual examples of decisions made with different athletes, where in the program these decisions were made, and why they were executed. Next, he breaks down the evolution of training in China, using the volleyball and track and field teams as examples of how this has effected the system.

He then breaks down how events were chosen to be invested in based on the rules and where their athletes could be most successful. He then touches upon the success of the Chinese in table tennis. Dr. Raun breaks down the set up and role of their national competitions and how it impacts the entire committee, and the role of sport sciences trickles down from Beijing to the counties. He closes out discussing the future of the National Sport System in China.

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