In this edition of The Podcast Dr. Andy Galpin of Cal State Fullerton sits down with us to discuss the programs they are running at the center for performance. Dr. Galpin, who is a strength coach with a Phd, not a PHD who wants to be a coach, discuss some of the studies they have already completed, how they collaborate with the athletic department, and how that relationship drives research, the future of research and how quickly it’s closing the “time gap” between what’s being done by coaches and what’s in the research, and how he works with fighters and how each “camp” is so different. Dr. Galpin talked about a bunch of ways to keep track of him and some of his collegues, and those are listed below, along with the crowdfunding page (, if you could help these guys out in anyway we’d all greatly appreciate it. The rest of the links and social media accounts are listed below:

Andy Galpin:
2. @DrAndyGalpin (Twitter & IG & YouTube)
3. @CSPFullerton (IG and Center for Sport Performance on FB)

Jimmy Bagley:
1. @DrJimmyBagley (twitter & IG & YouTube)
2. @MusclePhysLab

PJ Nestler
4. @CoachPJNestler


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