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Assess and Correct

Assess & Correct is the first resource that empowers you with not only a series of self-assessments to identify your own flexibility and stability limitations, but also exercise progressions to correct those inefficiencies. In the process, you’ll take your athletic performance to all new levels and prevent injuries from creeping up on you – whether you’re a high-level athlete or someone who sits at a desk too much.

Included in the Assess & Correct package are:

  • DVD #1: Your Comprehensive Guide to Self-Assessment
  • DVD #2: Your Individualized Corrective Exercise Progressions
  • Bonus #1 and #2: The Assess and Correct E-Manual, which is not only a guide to review your assessments on DVD #1, but also includes written cues and photos for every recommended drill in DVD #2 so that you’ll have a resource you can take to the gym with you.(PLEASE NOTE: These two bonuses have been merged into one document for easier downloading.)
  • Bonus #3: “The Great Eight Static Stretches” E-Manual, which shows you eight additional flexibility drills that we use on a regular basis in addition to the drills featured in the DVDs.
  • Bonus #4: The “Optimal Self Myofascial Release” E-Manual, which shows you the soft tissue methods and techniques we use.

Magnificent Moblity

Magnificent Mobility marks a REVOLUTION in the way athletes of all levels prepare for competition, training, and rehabilitation, and IT WILL GET YOU TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Whether you’re an athlete, sports coach, personal trainer, physician, ordinary weekend warrior, or just someone who wants to get healthy, stay healthy, and live life to its fullest, you’ll be amazed at how rapidly the drills outlined in Magnificent Mobility deliver INCREDIBLE RESULTS.

Builiding the Efficent Athlete

On July 22-23, 2006, 30 trainers, coaches, and athletes assembled at Peak Performance, New York City’s premier training facility, for two days of professional and athletic development unlike any they’d ever had before. From functional anatomy, to static and dynamic assessments, to corrective exercise programming, and troubleshooting common exercise technique, these two days had it all – everything you need to build an efficient athlete. Here’s your chance to “catch up” to these lucky 30 people; these two days are now available as an 8-DVD set.

DVD #1: Introduction

  • Why learn functional anatomy?
  • What resources do the BEST use to improve their skills?
  • What resources will absolutely make you regress as a trainer, coach or athlete, and how do you avoid them?
  • How will improved posture not only keep you healthy, but also improve your performance?
  • How can you use the Law of Repetitive Motion to rapidly elicit changes in posture?

DVD #2: Lower Body, Core and Upper Body Functional Anatomy

  • Are the hip flexors tight? If so, which one(s)? We’ll show you specific tests to figure out exactly which areas are short or stiff
  • Why are well functioning glutes an absolute necessity if optimal performance is your goal? How can they help us to avoid hamstring pulls, groin strains, and lower back pain!
  • How is it that we’ve misunderstood the role of various core muscles for so long – and how can we modify our training to “undo” the damage that’s been done?
  • How can the pectoralis major and subscapularis be both antagonists and synergists, and what are the implications on health and performance?
  • Have we been missing the boat on how we view rhomboids?
  • Why doesn’t anyone think about pectoralis minor?

DVD #3: Static Assessments

  • Why perform a static assessment?
  • What can we suspect with an elevated shoulder girdle?
  • How does being right or left-handed affect one’s posture?
  • Watch TWO LIVE ASSESSMENTS to see how posture directly influences performance and injury!

DVD #4: Dynamic Assessments

  • Why use a dynamic assessment?
  • What does Kibler’s Three-Position Scapular Screen tell us?
  • How many different things can a simple lunge tell us about an individual’s inefficiencies?
  • How does one get into the “always assessing” mindset?
  • In all, learn over 20 different tests to determine how the core, upper, and lower extremities are functioning, both in isolation and integration – along with specific recommendations to fix the flaws!

DVD #5: The Art of Hardcore Corrective Training

  • What is the Law of Repetitive Motion?
  • What’s the difference between an inefficiency and a pathology?
  • How are we “missing the boat” with current corrective training practices?
  • What exercises are absolutely contraindicated?
  • How do we maintain a training effect while correcting inefficiencies?

DVDs #6 and #7: Live Exercise Assessment

Learn how to…

Squat, Bench Press, Row, Front Squat, Box Squat, Deadlift, Lunge, Step-up, Perform miscellaneous activation and control drills, Implement and perform the CORE STABILIZATION EXERCISES your body needs for optimal performance and health.

Discover not only the most common errors and compensation patterns, but also what they signify, and how to fix them. This is an absolute must for any up-and-coming coach and anyone who is unsure of how to perform squats, deadlifts, bench presses, or any of 30 other exercises!

DVD #8: Neanderthal No More Revisited: What We’d Do Differently

Almost three years ago, we co-authored a five-part article series called “Neanderthal No More.” This series outlined common postural flaws and offered corrective exercise suggestions. While people made tremendous progress with this program, we’d be lying nowadays if we said that we wouldn’t have done anything differently if we were to write that series of articles over today. On this DVD, we mercilessly rip on our own program – with the help of those in attendance – based largely on the principles we discussed over the course of the two-day seminar. It’s a perfect example of how learning more about functional anatomy can dramatically change what we’re doing – and even make a good program into a great program

Bulletproof Knees

What do you get when you purchase Bulletproof Knees?

  • The exact exercises you need to get you on the road to recovery.
  • How certain stretches will speed recovery – and which ones to avoid like the plague.
  • SIM: What it is and why you can’t do without it.
  • Why Focusing on the “Source of the Pain” will get you no where, fast.
  • 3 Things You’ve Got to Assess, or Risk Further Damaging the Knee.
  • Stretches you absolutely don’t want to perform before competition.
  • How to Pinpoint Minor Muscle Imbalances and correct them.
  • Why all “knee pain” doesn’t necessarily mean you have Knee “Problems,” and what to do about it.
  • Flexibility in your Ankles – Why you need it, and what might happen if you overlook these simple exercises.
  • Supplements you have to take for long term knee health.
  • Re-learn how to gain the strength and explosive ability you had before injury.
  • 2 tests for muscle imbalances that you must perform on the hips, overlook the results of this test and risk damaging your knees further.
  • The Pros and Cons of Different Flexibility Modalities and How to Use Each One.
  • An exact training program that takes you from a rehabilitative state to 100% recovery.
  • How Stretching Your Hamstrings at the wrong time Can Lead to Greater Dysfunction!
  • Specific areas you have to train to prevent ACL injury.
  • 5 things to put into your workout to improve your performance immediately.
  • Learn about the concept of tissue length, and how the timing and type of stretching can lead to better performance and health.
  • And much, much more!

And if that’s not enough, I’m throwing in a FREE DVD of my Bulletproof Knees presentation that covers the nuts and bolts of the program. It doesn’t cover everything the manual does, but it will be great for all you visual learners out there!

Inside-Out Warm Up
  • The origional upper body warm up protocol that has been copied by many, but equaled by none.

Indy Performance Enhancement Seminar

Indy Performance Enhancement seminars is taking the training and coaching industries to the next level!

Outside of Chicago, the Midwest is often overlooked when it comes to the seminar circuit. With an ever growing network of personal trainers, strength coaches, athletic trainers and physical therapists, our goal is to consistently bring top-notch and cutting edge presenters to the Indianapolis area.

Have a look around the website and let us know what you think. Previous seminar DVD’s can be purchased in our “Products” section, and we’ll update the “Schedule” any time we set something up.

The bottom line is this: Whether you’re an athlete, coach, or trainer, we want to take the industry to the next level. Be sure to come back often and see what’s new!

The Single-Leg Solution

The Single-Leg Solution is a DVD and print manual package that will give you the following: 


  • No more guessing! Learn the exact lifts that I use, in the order that I use them. If any exercise is too easy or too difficult, simply move forward or backward within the progression.
  • The things I look for to determine if you’re performing every exercise correctly.
  • Improve your technique. If you aren’t performing an exercise correctly, these are the cues I use to fix you up and improve your technique. Poor technique can increase the likelihood of injury, or at the very least, minimize your gains.
  • Bonus Exercises! Cool variations you can throw in from time-to-time to mix up your training and keep it fresh.
  • How you can take all the basic exercises and revamp them so you have a virtually unlimited number of exercises and progressions to choose from!

Print Manual

  • A 96-page, spiral bound manual.
  • What are the benefits of single-leg training? A 25-page review of the scientfic literature of single-leg lifting, and why single-leg training should be a key component of everyone’s exercise programs!
  • Take it to the gym! Pictures, descriptions and coaching cues of every exercise in the DVD that you can take with you anywhere to help refresh your memory and improve performance.
  • The Ground Zero Program. The program I use to maximize single-leg strength, stability and performance.

Most importantly, you’re going to have the exact exercises and coaching cues you’d get if you worked with me at my gym. Here’s just a short list of clients we’ve worked with who have utilized single-leg lifts in their programming:

  • Endurance athletes such as runners, cyclists, and swimmers. Many of our endurance clients have hip muscle imbalances, and single-leg training is part of the programming to get them healthy and back in the game.
  • Strength athletes such as powerlifters, Olympic lifters, bodybuilders and figure athletes. The mobility derived from certain single-leg lifts can help many strength athletes stay healthy and training hard.
  • Team sport athletes from almost every sport imaginable: Football, baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.
  • Athletes from individual sports such as tennis, wrestling, track, mixed martial arts and field and even bobsled have used these exercises with great success.
  • Perhaps most importantly, fat loss clients and general fitness enthusiasts can really benefit from the exercises and progressions I’ve laid out. Often, they start with exercises that are too challenging, and have no clue what to look for with regards to exercise technique.

After reviewing the Single-Leg Solution package, you’ll have a concrete idea of how single-leg lifts benefit you, how they should fit into your programming, and how to perform them correctly for maximum benefit.

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