Dr. Vladimir Issurin-“Block Periodization – new approach to high-performance training design”

Prof. Dr. Vladimir B. Issurin. Vladimir Issurin serves as a scientific and professional coordinator of Elite Sport Department of the Israeli Olympic Committee at the Wingate Institute. He completed his undergraduate studies on Sport Sciences and Ph.D. dissertation on aquatic motor fitness and movements’ technique of swimmers in Leningrad Sport University (1963-1972) and his post-doctoral studies on methodological and biomechanical bases of athletic mastery in the individual water sports in Moscow Sport University (1988). He served as a scientific adviser and head of complex scientific group in the USSR Olympic canoe/kayak team during three quadrennial cycles (1978-1991) and deserved two governmental awards.

Since 1991 professor Issurin lives in Israel and works as a researcher of Sport Science Department (1991-94), professional consultant and coordinator of Israeli Olympic National teams (since 1992), lecturer of the Wingate coaching school and Wingate Physical Education College; he was promoter of 21 Ph.D. dissertations performed in branch of theory, physiology and biomechanical backgrounds of sport training. As a member of the national Olympic delegations he took part in six Olympic Games; three times as a team leader of Israeli kayak and swimming national teams (2000 -2008). He has over 150 scientific articles in national and international scientific journals and edited books and over 60 international presentations. He has lectured at universities and coaching forums in Athens, Bangkok, Belgrade, Brussels, Budapest, Florence,  Ghent, Gijon, Göteborg, Grand Rapids (Michigan), Jyvaskyla, Kiev, Köln, Leuven, Lisbon, Madrid, Magdeburg, Magglingen, Milton Keynes, Moscow, Palma de Mallorca, Pontevedra, Porto, Poznan, Prague, Riga, Rome, St.Petersburg, Sofia, Tashkent, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Vilnius, Volgograd, Warsaw. He is authored or coauthored 10 books. He has received honored awards of the Olympic Committees of USSR, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Dr. Issurin is member of the International Informatization Academy associated with UNESCO. He is an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness and LASE Journal of Sport Sciences. He is also reviewer of scientific magazines Sports Medicine, Journal of Sport Sciences and European Journal of Sport Sciences. Currently his research is focused on the methodology of high-performance training and further development of the original coaching concepts for elite athletes. He is many times champion of Israel in masters swimming competitions.

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