Introducing 2015 Presenter, Erik Korem

Introducing 2015 Presenter, Erik Korem

I am beyond excited to introduce the 2nd presenter for The 2015 Seminar, University of Kentucky High Performance Manager Erik Korem.  I was lucky to meet Erik in Boston a couple years back at an Omegawave meeting and can say from first hand knowledge that they only thing that exceeds his reputation is his extensive knowledge in managing athletes.  As an individual who has to “do it all” (meaning the monitoring and training) I am excited beyond words to see what Erik has to offer at The 2015 Seminar.  So without further delay, allow me to introduce Mr. Erik Korem:

JD: If you could, please give our readers a little background information about yourself, what your niche in the world of athletics is, accomplishments, how you got there, education, any products you have available and/or notable publications.

EK: Before becoming the High Performance Manager at the University of Kentucky I spent about a decade working in a variety of positions within collegiate athletics. I’ve done everything from being a strength and conditioning coach, to working as a sports science director and a director of football operations. Outside of collegiate athletics I’ve been blessed to have worked with some of the most accomplished sprinters in track and field. I have been fortunate to be a part of a coaching group that helped produce a number of Olympic and World Championship medals in the 100m and 200m sprint events. I feel very fortunate to have learned from some of the best coaches and athletes during my short career, and in many ways I believe this has been the best education that I could have received to prepare me for my current role at UK. I do have two degrees in the field of Exercise Science, but most of my learning has occurred outside the classroom.
In terms of having a niche, I am one of the few High Performance Managers in American sport. The role Coach Stoops has given me here is a huge honor and it’s something that I take very seriously.

JD: Discuss with us the mistakes you see made by strength and conditioning coaches in the United States and around the world, and what you feel should be done differently/how to correct these issues.

hqdefaultEK: Don’t get emotionally attached to your training programs! This is a mistake I have made way too many
times. It wasn’t until I started gathering objective data regarding my athletes’ state of readiness that I TRULY realized how organic the training process is. I’ve realized more and more that I only have my athletes for a very short window each day, and that there are a number of other stressors that the athletes are exposed to that will impact their trainability. It’s my role as a performance manager to take a step back and to critique every step of the training process. Unfortunately I had to make many mistakes in order to make this change, but I think my athletes now appreciate the individualized approach we take.

JD: What advice would you give a coach to improve knowledge in the lines of continuing education, meaning could you point our readers in a direction to find the scientific and practical information to improve the methods they use to improve performance?

EK: Go to the Central Virginia Clinic!!! Every year the speaker line up is first class. I am personally excited to be in attendance and to learn from all the great presenters and attendees!

JD: If you could give a brief description of what our attendees can expect from you at The Seminar?

EK: Attendees can expect a REAL and HONEST presentation. I’m not into fluff. I don’t know the topic yet but whatever it is, the information will be actionable and should be thought provoking.


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