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I want to personally welcome you to our site and thank you for becoming involved.  Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible, both here on our site and at our yearly seminar held in Richmond, VA.  I am truly excited to be able to bring some of the best minds in our field to your computer screen and our facility, in order to educate performance coaches throughout the world so that our athlete’s can reap the benefits.  In the following weeks we will be posting interviews, articles and published research studies by individuals who I feel are the best of the best in our profession.  I hope that you find this information as useful and valuable as we have.  
Along with our web site, you will find all of the products from each of our presenters and contributors available for sale as well.  These people have spent their lives trying to find the most productive and efficient means of training athletes, so you will not find anything on this site that I personally have not read, do not own, and have not used on a daily basis in the training of my athletes. It goes with out saying that all of these resources are of top quality and highly recommended to anyone in our field.

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The CVASP Podcast Ep 11: Injury Prevention with Michigan Tech’s Matt Thome

Michigan Tech’s Matt Thome discusses the relationship between the theory of dynamic correspondence and injury prevention in athletes. This is a follow up discussion from his article on the topic that can be found here: http://cvasps.com/dynamic-correspondence-as-a-means-of-injury-prevention-a-guest-post-by-matt-thome-of-michigan-tech/

The CVASP Podcast Episode 10: Vision Training with DC Sports Training’s Jeff Moyer

In this weeks episode of The Podcast, DC Sports Training’s Jeff Moyer discusses how he implements vision training with his athletes in Pittsburgh in a follow up discussion to his article. http://cvasps.com/lessons-learned-from-the-eye-guys-a-guest-post-from-dc-sports-trainings-jeff-moyer/

The CVASP Podcast Ep 9: Ryan Horn, Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University’s Director of Athletic Performance sits down to discuss monitoring and building a monitoring program. We discuss his journey and how it progressed from each of the three institutions he has been at, the growing pains that came along the way, and what it has done to assist and change his programming.

The CVASP Podcast Ep 8: Yosef Johnson-Ultimate Athlete Concepts

In this episode of The Podcast Ultimate Athlete Concepts’ Yosef Johnson sits down to discuss the latest from UAC. We discuss the updates to the site, how Yosef hopes to expand the information they put out as blog posts, podcasts, and with a forum and Q and A, and what really matters to Yosef in […]

The CVASP Podcast Episode 7-Dan Raimondi, George Washington University

In this episode of The Podcast, GW Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach discusses his use of Dr. Dan Baker’s Maximal Aerobic Speed concept in his training programs for soccer and lacrosse athletes. Danny discusses the method and mean’s utilized, what worked and what didn’t with his student athlete’s, changes he made to accommodate to their […]

The CVASP Podcast Episode 6-Matt Thome, Michigan Tech

In this edition of The Podcast Matt Thome of Michigan Tech sits down to talk about program management.  Matt and I discuss what the “optimal dose” is and how it fits in programming, the progression fromGPP to SPP, and how we look at handling newer athletes.    

Dynamic Correspondence as a Means of Injury Prevention, a guest post by Matt Thome of Michigan Tech

Probably the most often mentioned goal of any strength and conditioning program, amongst other common training targets, is injury prevention. Obviously, injury prevention is very important. If an athlete is injured, they may not be able to play to their full potential, if at all. But does this mean we have to program specific, injury […]

The CVASP Podcast Episode 5-Keenan Robinson, Arizona State University

Arizona State’s Head of High Performance Services for Aquatic Sports Keenan Robinson sits down and talks training swimmers in this edition of the podcast. Keenan discusses training swimmers of all levels (youth, to college, to the Olympics), building a training culture that complements the training in the water, the importance of the aerobic system in […]

Lessons Learned From The Eye Guys, a guest post from DC Sports Training’s Jeff Moyer

Agility in sports is typically a response to what is seen. Agility is a rapid, whole-body change of direction or speed in response to a stimulus. That stimulus can be an opponent, a teammate, a ball, or a position on the field. Agility is a distinct quality underpinned by physical qualities such as deceleration (eccentric […]


In this episode of The Podcast Carl Valle of Inside Tracker and I talk technology and where it’s going in sport performance training. He gives his predictions of where technology is going, what technology is available now that is game changing, and where technology is changing coaching today.

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