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I want to personally welcome you to our site and thank you for becoming involved.  Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible, both here on our site and at our yearly seminar held in Richmond, VA.  I am truly excited to be able to bring some of the best minds in our field to your computer screen and our facility, in order to educate performance coaches throughout the world so that our athlete’s can reap the benefits.  In the following weeks we will be posting interviews, articles and published research studies by individuals who I feel are the best of the best in our profession.  I hope that you find this information as useful and valuable as we have.  
Along with our web site, you will find all of the products from each of our presenters and contributors available for sale as well.  These people have spent their lives trying to find the most productive and efficient means of training athletes, so you will not find anything on this site that I personally have not read, do not own, and have not used on a daily basis in the training of my athletes. It goes with out saying that all of these resources are of top quality and highly recommended to anyone in our field.

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Latest News

Flashback Friday, The 2018 Seminar, Teena Murray: Operationalizing Excellence: The Performance C.O.D.E.

“Here’s where it all starts, performance is winning.” At The 2018 Edition of The Seminar Teena Murray brought us a fantastic overview of how they developed their collaborative department at The University of Louisville. The idea of operationalizing excellence all starts with winning, but how she assists her coaching staff is unique. She breaks down […]

The Drew Review: Managing Oneself by Peter F. Drucker

“Successful careers are not planned. They develop when people are prepared for opportunities because they know their strengths, their method of work, and their values”- P. Drucker There are some books, which honestly; I will never read again, simply because the subject matter wasn’t very appealing to begin with or I didn’t get the sense […]

Practical Variations to the 1×20 Training Method, a guest post from Marc Stevenson

Dr. Michael Yessis’ 1×20 progressive training method yields multiple benefits in developing the physical qualities in novice and youth athletes. It exposes the athletes to several resistant exercises in one sitting to strengthen the major joints and provide robustness through the different actions. Doc has noted that the significant benefits of this method include: developing […]

Episode 155- Lee Taft- Teaching Movement How Biomechanics and Physics Work Together

“If the sled was your center of mass, you’ve got to push the sled.” This episode of The Podcast is brought to you by Exxentric, the makers of the kBox and kPulley. Exxentric is the world leader in fly wheel training technology providing multiple pieces to fit your budget and needs to better serve your […]

My Thoughts Monday #53: Jay DeMayo, University of Richmond- Who Needs Sleep?

“If we are going to tell these kids that we need to sleep more, and they need to do better to get to bed more, and they’re not able to get to bed by 9:30 like some of us old farts that are sitting here yelling at them to squat lower and bench heavier, maybe […]

Flashback Friday 2018 Seminar, Devan McConnell-Digging Deeper with the Data

“Sport science and data should never take the place of coach’s intuition, should never take the place of conversation, communication, and relationship building.” In July of 2018 we welcomed Devan McConnell to The Seminar to discuss how he has built a monitoring system from the ground up at a smaller school. Devan jumps right in […]

Episode 154- Mike Hill, Georgetown University- Mentoring To Pass The Torch

“The best form of technology is just communication, human to human.” This episode of The Podcast is brought to you by Exxentric, the makers of the kBox and kPulley. Exxentric is the world leader in fly wheel training technology providing multiple pieces to fit your budget and needs to better serve your athletes. North American […]

My Thoughts Monday #52, Chris McCormick, Florida Atlantic University- Bigger Issues Than Max Strength

“It’s not what so much what you like it’s so much of what you’re getting results for.” This My Thoughts Monday is brought to you by GymAware, the leading tool to measure your athlete’s weight room performance. Learn more about “The Rolls Royce” of bar velocity monitoring here: https://kinetic.com.au/gymaware.html In this edition of My Thoughts […]

Flashback Friday, 2018 Seminar, Keir Wenham-Flatt: A Strength Coaches Guide to Rehabilitation

“I don’t think anyone is going to be robust to the intensity demands of sport by being sat on their ass and not training.” Six years after first meeting Keir at The Seminar I was really elated to have him on the docket for the 2018 edition of The Seminar. Keir’s voyage and time as […]

The Drew Review: The Manual Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Exercise Science in the Former Soviet Union: Muscle Metabolism to State-Sponsored Doping by Dr. Michael I. Kalinski

“The field of exercise science has made remarkable progress in the past century…due to the current understanding of…exercise to human health, as well as success in athletic endeavors.” –Dr. M. Kalinski After reading the title of this chapter I’m sure your mind will race through all sorts of assumptions and theories, all of which could […]

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