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I want to personally welcome you to our site and thank you for becoming involved.  Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible, both here on our site and at our yearly seminar held in Richmond, VA.  I am truly excited to be able to bring some of the best minds in our field to your computer screen and our facility, in order to educate performance coaches throughout the world so that our athlete’s can reap the benefits.  In the following weeks we will be posting interviews, articles and published research studies by individuals who I feel are the best of the best in our profession.  I hope that you find this information as useful and valuable as we have.  
Along with our web site, you will find all of the products from each of our presenters and contributors available for sale as well.  These people have spent their lives trying to find the most productive and efficient means of training athletes, so you will not find anything on this site that I personally have not read, do not own, and have not used on a daily basis in the training of my athletes. It goes with out saying that all of these resources are of top quality and highly recommended to anyone in our field.

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Latest News

Episode 142-Dana Santas, mobilitymaker.com- A Voyage of Amazing Lessons From Real state, to Yoga, to the Dugout and Squared Circle

“We go into this thinking that we’ve got some of the answers, only to find out maybe there are different answers. Maybe there are different questions. ” We are joined by Dana Santas today discussing her unique voyage to becoming the go to person in the world of professional sports when it comes to mobility […]

My Thoughts Monday #39-Jay DeMayo, University of Richmond- Monitor to Help Training First

“What I did wrong was how I communicated that, and it was basically taken as we can never do X and Y, so yeah, that was a screw up, and I did that wrong, and it was part of the downfall for it. I think that if we would have kept it to the monitoring […]

Flashback Friday, The 2015 Seminar, Dr. Ben Peterson-Using Data To Improve Metabolic Specificity and Conditioning for Team Sport Athletes

“This is still early on in development of this stuff and not everyone has access to be able to do this eventually you will because it’s the evolution of all technology it gets smaller it gets cheaper everybody does it” The 2015 edition of The Seminar brought the return of (now) Dr. Ben Peterson to […]

Episode 141-Martin Bingisser, HMMR Media- From The Circle to The Pitch and Back

“That’s the one thing that’s the killer, if you’re athletes get injured it’s not just one step back it’s two-three steps back. A lot of times that can come from overloading athletes or putting to much emphasis on max strength. I think max strength plays a role, it plays a role in every sport, but […]

My Thoughts Monday #38-Jay DeMayo, University of Richmond- Let’s Not Make Our Pyramids Trapezoids

“What we don’t know is if building a bigger base is if building a bigger base is actually going to allow the pyramid to be higher, or if all we’re doing is building a bigger base and making it go from a triangle or a pyramid, to a trapezoid.” This My Thoughts Monday is brought […]

Flashback Friday, The 2015 Seminar, Cal Dietz-Considerations in Regards to Triphasic Adaptation Responses

“You want to make the organism function at a higher level” Cal Dietz joined us again in 2015 to give us the latest update in Triphasic Training and what he’s doing with his athletes. Cal begins the talk by diving into the programming of two different athletes and how they were completely different in every […]

Episode 140-Matt Van Dyke, University of Texas- Actually Applying Sport Science

“When I talk with people, with other strength staffs, athletic training, or nutrition, it’s planting little seeds of discussion to kind of grow upon and then we start to tie a lot of our systems in based on their approach to what the end goal is.” Today we are joined by University of Texas, Associate […]

My Thoughts Monday #37-Jay DeMayo, University of Richmond- Readiness, or Trainability? What’s Our Role?

“If we were looking at their ability to be trained, their trainability, their actual ability to be able to handle and adapt to stress at that present moment. Then is there the possibility that MAYBE their readiness would be at a better state when you need it to be?” This My Thoughts Monday is brought […]

Flashback Friday, The 2015 Seminar: Dr. Bryan Mann, Velocity Based Training

“Look for more of the similarities that exist between than the differences.” July of 2015 brought Dr. Bryan Mann to The Seminar for his first trip to RVA to discuss Velocity Based Training. After Dr. Mann gives the background of where his ideas came from starting back to his time at SMS in the early […]

The Drew Review: The Manual Vol. 2, Chapter 10: Vision Training in Athletic Performance by Jeff Moyer

“When you are a hammer everything looks like a nail, but you can’t fix every problem with that hammer.”– J. Moyer The last chapter of The Manual Vol.2might be one of the more complicated topics in sports performance. That topic is “vision training,” and Moyer does a fantastic job at exploring all the facets of […]

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