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I want to personally welcome you to our site and thank you for becoming involved.  Our goal is to provide you with the best information possible, both here on our site and at our yearly seminar held in Richmond, VA.  I am truly excited to be able to bring some of the best minds in our field to your computer screen and our facility, in order to educate performance coaches throughout the world so that our athlete’s can reap the benefits.  In the following weeks we will be posting interviews, articles and published research studies by individuals who I feel are the best of the best in our profession.  I hope that you find this information as useful and valuable as we have.  
Along with our web site, you will find all of the products from each of our presenters and contributors available for sale as well.  These people have spent their lives trying to find the most productive and efficient means of training athletes, so you will not find anything on this site that I personally have not read, do not own, and have not used on a daily basis in the training of my athletes. It goes with out saying that all of these resources are of top quality and highly recommended to anyone in our field.

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Latest News

The Drew Review- The Manual, VOL. 1 Chapter 9: Implementing and Integrating MAS Training for Field Sports Athletes, by Dan Raimondi


Drew’s Review: “Strength and conditioning coaches undoubtedly would agree that consistency and compliance in training is far more important than any one method of workout.” –D. Raimondi Chapter 9 of The Manual (CVASP, 2016), is written by Dan Raimondi (Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach/ George Washington University) and he discusses the topic of maximal aerobic […]

Episode 71: Cal Dietz, 2015 Seminar Intro- Monitoring


In this edition of The Podcast, we bring back Cal Dietz’s introductory interview before The 2015 Seminar. Cal discusses with us how monitoring with Catapult and Omegawave have fit into what he is doing up at Minnesota, what he has seen with both pieces of technology, and how it was driving some decisions being made […]

My Thoughts Monday #7: “Footwork”? Maybe?


In the initial meeting with the head coach of this team we are discussing, one of the things that she brought up was the issue the athlete’s have with their feet being outside of their base of support when trying to do specific skills. Now, we can discuss if that is a technique issue that […]



Drew’s Review: “Based on the literature, there appears to be no single causative factor in RSA” –Dr. B. Peterson The Manual (CVASP, 2016) chapter 8 is a great review of all things repeat sprint ability (RSA) or as Dr. Peterson identifies as repeat sprint exercise (RSE) for team sports. This was a great topic for […]

Episode 70-Jim Snider, 2015 Seminar Intro, Block One Off Season Prep


This is a bit of a different edition of The Podcast. Today we bring back the video interview from University of Wisconsin’s Jim Snider leading into The 2015 Seminar. In the talk Jim discusses the exact programming he’s using with his athlete’s at that time to help best prepare them for the work he had […]

Episode 69: Landon Evans, 2015 Seminar Intro, Developing an Athlete Centered Model


This is a bit of a different edition of The Podcast. Today we bring back the video interview from University of Iowa’s Landon Evans leading into The 2015 Seminar. Landon discusses the progression that was occurring at Iowa building a sports performance group to help improve their athlete-centered model. Along with bringing back this talk […]

My Thoughts Monday #6: Weight Room Progressions

Field Hockey 2017 Preperation 2

Many of you reading this have seen my presentations on YouTube (Case Study 1, Case Study 2, Boston) where I talk about how we program, and why we do things. The simple idea of constantly progressing and moving forward to help improve performance of the athlete is something that I have stood by for a long […]



Drew’s Review: “In high level sports, things that are left uncontrolled and up to chance increase the risk of injury, overtraining, and underperforming-all of which can lead to a strength coach getting fired.” –Dr. B. Mann Velocity based training! Bryan Mann! I’m sure these two statements have become commonplace in your weight room. Yes, chapter […]

Episode 68: John Wagle and Kevin Carroll, ETSU-Fly Wheel Training

John And Kevin

In this episode of The Podcast I sit down and discuss training with fly wheels, in particular the kBox with ETSU PHD candidates John Wagle and Kevin Carroll. We start out discussing what fly wheel training is and how it works, which leads us to what they are looking at with the fly wheel in […]

My Thoughts Monday #5: The first 2 weeks in the weight room.

Field Hockey 2017 Preperation Lift 1

For those of you who know me, I’m a bit different with how I handle things in the weight room. We could talk about the 1×20 forever, but I think the main thing we should discuss is the autonomy I give to the student athletes. If we look at a lot of the lifts/exercises we […]

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