THE MANUAL VOL. 1, is the first publication from Central Virginia Sport Performance. In THE MANUAL VOL. 1, you will find chapters from ten individuals who have had an immense impact on everything we do at CVASP. Our hope with this book is that each reader takes something useful from the information presented that they can use to make their athletes perform better. Whether that is through respiratory muscle training (Chpt.10), velocity based training (Chpt. 7), or even training based on muscle fiber type (Chpt. 5).

Features of this book include:

  • Quick and concise chapters that are easy to read.
  • 161 pages of practical considerations for strength and conditioning coaches to use immediately with their athletes.
  • In-depth examples and personal experiences from each author that the reader can easily apply to their own situations no matter what level the coach or athlete.
  • Brief bios for each author at the end of their respective chapter that describes the impact they have had on the strength and conditioning field.

The chapter list, including authors and titles is as follows:

Chpt. 1- Dr. Mike Gentry: The Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach: From Survival to Significance

Chpt. 2 - Kevin Dawidowicz: Sports Science on a Budget

Chpt. 3 - Yosef Johnson: Injury Reduction

Chpt. 4 - Jeff Moyer: Breaking Bad...Habits

Chpt. 5 - Henk Kraaijenhof: Muscle Fiber Specific Training

Chpt. 6 - Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky: Training Program for Off-Season Physical Preparation of Basketball Players

Chpt. 7 - Dr. Bryan Mann: VBT In-Season

Chpt. 8 - Dr. Ben Peterson: Possible Physiological Factors Contributing to Fatigue in Team Sport Athletes

Chpt. 9 - Dan Raimondi: Implementing and Integrating MAS Training for Team Sport Athletes

Chpt. 10- Matt Thome: Respiratory Muscle Training


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