Val Nasedkin: Periodizing The Preparation of Athletes – The Meso and Micro Cycles(DIGITAL)


That’s why it’s hard to explain. There is no one microcycle for everything. It always will depend on the individual.

This is one of the best, and most impactful presentations we have had sense the conception of The Seminar. I have had multiple conversations with coaches about how we set up specific aspects of our training program, and Val’s influences on it. That typically leads to people saying something like, “Yeah, but how does he actually work with athletes and what does he actually do?” Well, this is what he actually does and how he sets up programs. This 80-minute answers those questions and helped me to improve how I structure my training program throughout the year with my athlete’s at all levels.

Val Nasedkin returned to The Seminar in 2014 to share with us just that. Val discuss the periodization scheme that he has had most success with when working with high level athletes among multiple sport disciplines. The entire model of training that Val discusses is based upon changing the object of control in your training program from the training process to the athlete. This is due to the fact that most research is done on large groups, and each athlete is an individual, so each person needs to be looked at as a N of 1, and how they’re adapting and preforming needs to drive training. These are set based upon the common adaptations that you see across sports, and how they can be built into the athlete so that they have a greater ability to adapt to training, thus increasing their ability to train more often and at a higher, more specific level. This connects directly in with his periodization model of having a developmental and stimulatory day though out the week based on hormonal responses. He breaks down how this can be utilized in multiple times of the year, including the competitive period, and how this can lead to superior adaptations to allow athletes to continue to increase their trainability, thus increasing their ability to train at a higher level more often.


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