The Manual Vol.7


THE MANUAL VOL. 7, is the seventh publication from Central Virginia Sport Performance. In THE MANUAL VOL. 7 you will find ten chapters written by ten world class individuals who have had an immense impact on the world of sport performance. As with everything that we produce, we are absolutely certain that this book will provide useful and applicable information to not only assist the readers in helping their athletes maximize their potential, but also drive better conversations between practitioner. This year’s volume of The Manual includes 10 fantastic chapters to help practitioners arrive at better conclusions in hot topics including: nutritional strategies and recovery from injuries (chapter 9), networking tactics for career growth (chapter 7), and methods to connect the weight room to “game speed” (chapter 6), and SO MUCH MORE!


Features of this book include:

  • Quick and concise chapters that are practical and easy to read.
  • 151 pages of practical considerations for strength and conditioning coaches to use immediately with their athletes.
  • In-depth examples and personal experiences from each author that the reader can easily apply to their own situations no matter what level the coach or athlete.
  • Brief bios for each author at the end of their respective chapter that describes the impact they have had on the strength and conditioning field.


The chapter list, including authors and titles is as follows:

Chapter 1: Are we the Best We Can Be? A Critical Philosophical Approach to Coaching by Henk Kraaijenhof

Chapter 2: Concurrent Training Theory and Practice by Antonio Squillante

Chapter 3: Why Good Coaches Are Leaving the Field and What to Do About It by Ali Kershner, MS, CSCS

Chapter 4: Tactical Periodization in College Basketball by Terrence Kennell

Chapter 5: Developing a Coaching System-Not a Training System by Brijesh Patel

Chapter 6: Strength for Speed by Jonas Dodoo with Ryan Grubbs and Alan Murdoch

Chapter 7: Network Your Name into the Game by Ashleigh Beaver

Chapter 8: Resistance Training Strategies to Train the Force-Velocity Characteristics of Athletes by Dr. Tim Suchomel

Chapter 9: Injury, Nutrition, and Rehab-The Biggest, Overlooked Area in Return to Play by Pratik Patel

Chapter 10: Building Skill Adaption by Jeff Moyer


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