The Manual Vol.4



THE MANUAL VOL. 4, is the fourth publication from Central Virginia Sport Performance. In THE MANUAL VOL. 4, you will find ten unique chapters from ten world class individuals who have had an immense impact on everything we have done, and will continue to do here, at Central Virginia Sport Performance. As with everything that we produce, we are hopeful that this book will provide useful and applicable information to not only assist the readers in helping their athletes perform better, but also drive better conversations between practitioner. Whether that is through developing a positive “culture” (Chapter 6), looking deeper into means of training rotation with athletes (Chapter 5), or even diving deeper into sleep and its impact on athletes ability to adapt to the training stimulus we coaches are hoping to provide (Chapter 10) we hope that at least one of these chapters can assist the great coaches who have been involved with CVASP in helping their athletes reach their goals.


  • Quick and concise chapters that are easy to read.
  • 182 pages of practical considerations for strength and conditioning coaches to use immediately with their athletes.
  • In-depth examples and personal experiences from each author that the reader can easily apply to their own situations no matter what level the coach or athlete.
  • Brief bios for each author at the end of their respective chapter that describes the impact they have had on the strength and conditioning field.


Chapter 1: Operationalizing Excellence: The Performance C.O.D.E by Teena Murray

Chapter 2: Differences Between Tactical and Collegiate Strength and Conditioning by Andrew White

Chapter 3: The Performance Director’s Secret Soft Syllabus by Fergus Connolly

Chapter 4: Mental Resilience Training by Dan A. Pfaff

Chapter 5: Summation of Force by Jeff Moyer and Brian Matthews

Chapter 6: Culture Club: A Story of Struggle and Growth in High Performance Sport by Devan McConnell

Chapter 7: The Team Behind the Team by Keenan Robinson

Chapter 8: Boring Stuff Works by Andrew Althoff

Chapter 9: Sport Science Data Infrastructure by Landon Evans

Chapter 10: Sleep and Adaptation by Dr. Eric Korem


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