Teena Murray: Operationalizing Excellence (DIGITAL)


Here’s where it all starts, performance is winning

At The 2018 Edition of The Seminar Teena Murray brought us a fantastic overview of how they developed their collaborative department at The University of Louisville. The idea of operationalizing excellence all starts with winning, but how she assists her coaching staff is unique. She breaks down how they look at the entire process and how different roles within their department have increased their ability to assist their student athletes. This ties directly into their “C.O.D.E.” which is their anagram that is Culture, Operating System, Data Science, and Execution. This hour-long lecture is an in-depth break down of that anagram and how Teena and her team have built their program around it. This includes, but not limited to, how they establish “roles”, checklists and how they fit in, risk mitigation, and performance profiling.

Any coaches and/or staffs looking for a blue print to how to develop a program that’s athlete centered that helps drive performance, not just for the athletes but the staff as well, this is a fantastic overview and a way to give you directions to start thinking about moving in.


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