Sam Coad: University of Oklahoma (DIGITAL)


The real key point here is that if this is what they’re undergoing, this is the required, we have to plan to make sure that when they go into this environment there’s not a huge discrepancy between what’s being done and what’s been done.

In 2016 we were joined by Sam Coad to discuss how he implements technology within his programming and how he utilizes it for the betterment of their athletes. Sam begins by sharing with us why he feels technology is helping the evolution of how we do things as coaches, and this leads him right into a breakdown of load monitoring. He looks over both internal and external loads and how they can be evaluated by themselves or together. This includes him breaking down two years of GPS data for a wide receiver and how it’s impacted how they handled this athlete. He then breaks down load profiling in the weight room, and how this and periodization can affect loading in the weight room. He then dives down the rabbit hole of fatigue monitoring, including how he evaluates it and what markers he looks at to keep an eye on his players with an example of how he has implemented it. The next aspect he looks at is how he has and does monitor actual performance and what different measurement show him and his staff and drive decisions. He finishes out with the last 20 minutes of breaking down how they implemented recuperative means to help assist the athlete’s that NEEDED to utilize them with specific examples of things coaches should be looking at and for.


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