Rick Brunner, Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes


Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes: Using the Science of Nutrigenomics to Maximize Performance

Athletes in explosive sports need to build performance traits like reaction, starting strength, maximal speed, striking force, and power-endurance. These explosive athletes are desperate for the truth and scientific validation of how nutrition can amplify their training results. In the past, these athletes and their coaches have had to rely on nutritional advice focused on bodybuilding or endurance sports. This book will change the way explosive athletes train, adapt, and supercompensate, resulting in superior sport specific athletic performance. Explosive Ergogenics for Athletes leverages the new science of nutrigenomics to amplify the specific genes involved in muscle growth, neuromuscular power, fine motor skills, and even fat loss. Explosive athletes deserve scientifically valid and practical solutions that match the metabolic demands of their sport. This book delivers these solutions. For the past 28 years, Rick Brunner has helped over 1,500 explosive athletes and their strength and conditioning coaches in football, baseball, hockey, basketball, track and field sprints, throws, and jumps, Olympic weightlifting, and many others achieve breakaway gains in reaction, starting power, maximal speed, striking force, and power-endurance. As a nutrition scientist and coach, Rick pulls the facts from thousands of research studies to make practical sense of their application in real-world training/nutrition plans. Rick calls upon his extensive training and collaboration with Soviet and Russian scientists since the 80’s to help deliver modern useful information that athletes in explosive sports can use right away.


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