Nate Brookreson: The Wolfpack Rises (DIGITAL)



If you’re setting them up for success, by the time they get there, you’re there because you did everything right to get to that point.

The 2019 Seminar was the lead off with a case study from NC State’s Assistant AD Director of Strength and Conditioning for Olympic Sports, Nate Brookreson. This case study was a step by step look at their return to play protocol for a student-athlete with a bucket handle meniscus tear.

Step one in this process was to establish roles “in this story”. That includes sports med, nutrition, and Nate’s role in this athlete’s rehabilitation process. Once those were established, they then built “the script”. This starts with a conversation with the doctor and finishing with this athlete getting back on the court. These steps included:
1) What the actual procedure done was and what can lead to it being a success.
2) Researching ways to help work within the restrictions provided by the MD
3) Establishing a “clear mission” so they can have checks and balances and monitor progress
4) The “chapters” of this process, which is each step to the mission
5) Modalities that they included, and the reasons behind each
6) What were the “stopping points” that were included in the program to ensure progress
7) What evaluations they used, why they were selected, and what effect they had on the process

Nate then shares the results of the training, and this ends out not having a happy ending. Nate takes a huge step back and shares with us where he feels they didn’t go the best, in fact, the last 35 minutes are Nate answering questions and sharing with us where things went wrong, and what he feels they could have done better.

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