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Mike Curtis: University of Virginia – Culture, Coaching, & Technology: a good to great perspective (DIGITAL)


You want to have sustainable success, and once you develop that culture, one of the big things is to make sure it succeeds generations.

At the 2016 edition of The Seminar Mike Curtis shared with us an in-depth breakdown of how the program with UVA Basketball was built, and how the culture of their team was established. This looking glass into one of the building of one of the most successful college basketball teams of recent is truly one of a kind. Mike delivers on each step, from when they just got to Charlottesville to where they were in 2016, how they got there, the pillars to their success, and how they established their identity as a program step by step. Mike shares with us how the weight room fits into the whole scheme at UVA and dives deep down the rabbit hole of how he develops the team. This includes how they evaluate their athletes from day one, how that drives training decisions, technology’s impact on what they do and how they evaluate not just their athletes but the preparation and practice strategies.

This in-depth breakdown of how they built of program at one of the best programs in the country is one that is really eye opening and practical in how coaches can come into situations and find consistent ways improve every aspect of it.


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